Here are a few reasons you can trust in United Imaging for the best in office supply delivery. Once you’re convinced, give us a call at (855) 249-8501 for a free line-by-line itemized report of how much you can save by going with us.

Get It All In One Place

Bibliophiles love walking the aisles of a bookstore. Fisherman can’t get enough of wandering the aisles of a store like Bass Pro Shop. And yes, there are quite of few of out there who just love to buy office supplies. Even if our job didn’t task us with finding the best deals on discount office supplies, we’d still visit them just to see the newest office furniture and gadgets that are available…and for the smell of office supplies, of course! The problem is that brick and mortar office supply stores seldom have anything even resembling the best prices.

The alternative to visiting an office supply store is shopping for wholesale business supplies online, which just isn’t as fulfilling to us “supplyophiles.” When you’re looking for office equipment and supplies at office supply stores online, it’s a much less fun experience. Sure, you can look around from site to site, but it’s certainly not the same as walking around a store. So since you don’t get the thrill of the store, you’ll most likely just want to visit a single online office supply site and get it taken care of quickly. After all, you have other work you need to get back to, so perusing multiple sites sometimes isn’t an option.

That’s where United Imaging comes in. We’ll be there so that you can get everything in one place and don’t have to bounce back and forth from one office supply store online to the next.

You Don’t Just Save Money Once

Here’s the great thing about partnering with United Imaging for your office supplies: you’re not just going to save money once. You’re going to save money each and every time you need our wholesale business supplies. So while saving 1-percent or 5-percent or 10-percent off direct office supplies might not seem like that big a deal if it occurs once, it’s a huge deal if you can save that amount time after time.There’s aren’t too many businesses out there that would say no to perpetual savings on office equipment and supplies.

United Imaging Supplies

You’re Guaranteed To Get the Best Price

We say this a lot, but it bears repeating because it’s going to save you money. We have the best price around when you buy office supplies online from us. When you purchase from United Imaging, you’re simply going to get the best prices. Like we told you above, you’ll save money the first time and the 10th and the 100th.

What happens when prices go down on printer copy paper at Staples? You save money with United Imaging. What about when OfficeMax drops the price on universal file folders? Again, you’ll save money with United Imaging. And when Amazon fluctuates its prices on memo sticky notes and invisible tape dispensers, don’t worry; you’re going to be getting a better deal from United Imaging.

Perhaps we exaggerate a little. In many cases you’ll be saving money, but in other cases we’ll simply be matching the prices of those stores. And giving you free shipping. And ensuring you get the best possible price next month. We say “simply” even though it’s a pretty big deal.

We’ll Keep Track of It For You

If you’re in charge of office supplies, there’s a very good chance that you use some sort of spreadsheet in order to keep track of everything. What did you pay for copy and printer paper last time? Did you get it from OfficeMax or Staples? Did you get a great price on it, or did they hike their rates that month?

But what if you are pressed for time some month and can’t keep up with all the different prices? Just putting in the same order you had last month puts you at the mercy of their prices, and while losing a few dollars on discount copy paper might not be so bad, doing so over dozens of items month after month can really cost a business.

That’s why we keep track of it all for you. Since we’re direct competitors with the brick & mortar and online office supply stores, we’re checking them every day so that we can come up with our own price-beating spreadsheet. In fact, it’s not just about bulk copy paper, standard file folders, toner ink, and stick note prices. We review over 500 products to ensure that we have the best prices available. And if our prices show higher on the sheet, don’t worry; we’ll match our competitors.

But What About Selection?

When you go to buy office supplies, whether it’s in person or online, you’re probably perpetually amazed at the huge variety of office equipment and supplies that exist. You might wonder if United Imaging can really give you the variety you need in office supplies.

United Imaging isn’t a lightweight when it comes to office supply delivery. In fact, we sell more than $15 billion in office supplies each year. That’s from selling 157,000 different SKUs of office supplies, from paper to file folders, sticky notes to ink to invisible tape. We actually drop ship for all of those big office supply stores that you’re familiar with, which means that they’re making a profit above and beyond our price. What that means is that they’re the middleman, and you can save money if you simply buy direct from us.


We’ll Give You A Quote

Are you curious if you’re saving the most money you possibly can on the best office supplies available? You could go and check a dozen sites every month, looking for sales on the office supplies you use most often. But when you have to deal with multiple purchase orders and maybe even get multiple sign offs from the right people within your company. Is that really something you want to have to do month after month after month?

Or you could just contact us at (855) 249-8501 and we’ll handle it for you! You’ll get a dedicated service rep who will go through your office supply needs and compare what you’re paying and what we can offer them to you for. You’ll get an itemized office supply savings report that details line by line exactly how much you’ll be saving each month on every item. We can even advise you on generic (yet just as high-quality) options that could end up saving you even more money.

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Here’s our goal at United Imaging: to provide the absolute lowest prices on office equipment and supplies. And the fact is, we achieve that goal as we provide direct office supplies to each of our customers. Why use a middleman just because they have brick and mortar stores? When you use United Imaging, you can cut out that middleman and save money again and again. Give us a call and we’ll do all the work to save your business money and make you look like the office hero!

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