1. Excellent Customer Service

    Alan is always prompt in replying to any questions – via phone or email. He is friendly and helpful and ready to assist – researching an item/price, adjusting an invoice, or redirecting an order (we have several locations). I appreciate the prompt delivery and pricing at UI as well. /**/…Read More

    Heidi Yoder, TDEC
  2. It’s always service with a smile when you talk to Alan.

    Alan Comeaux is such a great Sales Representative.  He’s always ready to help with any supply need that I have.  I’ve had problems that he has solved for me; pricing he has brought down for me; and items he has found for me – you just can’t get any better than that.  To top it off he’s probably the most personable sales representative I’ve ever dealt with.  It’s always service wi…Read More

    Marci Bryant, MCNB Banks
  3. In a time that customer service is very lacking, along comes Alan Comeaux!

    When I first started this position my company was dead set on using Quill and Staples for all their supply needs.  “We have contract pricing and no one will ever be able to beat it”, they said.  Good pricing is great and all but what I found with those other companies was a very impersonal customer service nightmare. I found Alan during a toner web search about 10 years ago and he’s been m…Read More

    Laura Simons, Facilities & Security Manager, Office Services
  4. Over 150 Locations in the U.S.

    Alan Comeaux has never let us down. He is always on top of things. We switched to another supplier “Staples” that promised rainbows and sunshine, yet there was nothing but headaches. That was a horrible idea and lesson learned. The company I “switched” too was Office Depot and we waited weeks for one call tag for a toner that was damaged in deliveries, then another few weeks to show the ex…Read More

    Devon Kiddy, Operations Support, Bard Optical
  5. Alan has beat all cost from anyone. He is amazing.

    Alan Comeaux and I have worked together over 20 years. I have changed employment a couple of times during these 20 plus years and have taken Alan and United Imaging with me to other jobs. Alan has a great source of knowledge about hardware, software, office supplies, printer service and toners needs. Alan promises quality and satisfaction with United Imaging products with superior service. And tha…Read More

    Cynthia Alleman, Claims Manager, Bosworth & Associates
  6. Great sales person to work with.

    I have never met such an outstanding representative. I have two reasons why we switched over to United Imaging first, Alan is too good to be true from his personality and making a customer happy along with returning calls and/or e-mails is impeccable. Secondly, the prices that we were quoted are phenomenal. I have had my fair share of bad representatives along with high costing products. By far he…Read More

    Lyndsay Newton, IPPC Pharmacy
  7. Superior Service

    I have in purchasing for 15 years and have had more than my fair share of bad representatives.  Alan far exceeds all expectations as a superior representative.  When Alan first contacted me I was getting our office supplies from three different companies.  I was reluctant to provide a list for him to quote because of the same old song and dance "I will beat any competitor’s price."  Due to h…Read More

    Dawn Roy, Accounts Receivable/Credit Manager, International Extrusion
  8. A true example of great customer service.

    I have worked with Alan for a little over 10  years.  He has never disappointed me, anytime I ask him to get better pricing on a product he always delivers.  It doesn’t matter how long we may take to make a decision, Alan is always there and ready to help with anything we need.  Staples, Office Depot, Office Max or all retailers and take forever to give a response or action on items.   Res…Read More

    Tiffany C. Voelcker, Operations Assistant