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Alan Comeaux has never let us down. He is always on top of things. We switched to another supplier “Staples” that promised rainbows and sunshine, yet there was nothing but headaches. That was a horrible idea and lesson learned.

The company I “switched” too was Office Depot and we waited weeks for one call tag for a toner that was damaged in deliveries, then another few weeks to show the exchange on our statements.  He is less than all retailers.

United has next day delivery the only difference is United actually deliveries next day.

When Alan called and talked to me about lower cost he really meant it. He beat all their pricing I was amazed. Every company that calls me would like to save us money; however with United we can save money and still get great customer service.

Alan is the #1 account manager by far I have worked with, I have worked with a few over my 6 years here, now I’ll only work with one and that’s him

Devon Kiddy, Operations Support, Bard Optical