Alan has beat all cost from anyone. He is amazing.

Alan Comeaux and I have worked together over 20 years. I have changed employment a couple of times during these 20 plus years and have taken Alan and United Imaging with me to other jobs. Alan has a great source of knowledge about hardware, software, office supplies, printer service and toners needs.

Alan promises quality and satisfaction with United Imaging products with superior service. And that is exactly how it has been!  Inevitably, as so often happens when companies think they need to save a little money, I was asked to purchase remanufactured toners. I voiced my opposition for the usual reasons, but was voted down.

After a number of mishaps with another company, it was agreed we would not purchase remanufactured toners any longer. The first thing I did was contact Alan. He has always got me the best for less.  MSE toners are awesome with no complaints

Thank you Alan and United Imaging for making those of us we work with you look better at our jobs!

Cynthia Alleman, Claims Manager, Bosworth & Associates