When most people think of office supplies, they usually think of the big stores such as Staples and Office Depot. And when they think about discount office items, they…well, they don’t! Everyone knows that there’s nothing discount about those stores!

For a local business that doesn’t have time to wait on shipping and needs a particular office supply right now, those brick and mortar stores make sense in the moment. But for companies that really want to save money, finding discount office supplies online is the way to go. And far too many of them head over to the online versions of those stores.

We’re here to advise against that (admittedly because we want your business, and we really want to save you money). Buying online from the most famous of the discount office items suppliers isn’t going to get you the best deal. Here’s why.

We’re Not Paying For Brick and Mortar

Office supply businesses that have storefronts have a lot of overhead. Everything from property leases to on-floor employees to electricity for the lights all come together to raise the prices of the products. Sometimes the online part of their business is actually supporting their brick and mortar stores, counting on the physical locations to keep the name in the public eye (and working as advertising for them; more on that later).

That’s not something we have to worry about at United Imaging. Instead of dealing with the hassle of brick and mortar stores, we’re able to focus on bringing you the best prices on discount office supplies online.

We’re Not Paying For Commercials

You have to ask yourself “why do I know the big names of the big online office supply stores in the first place?” Sure, part of it is because that they have brick and mortar stores, but another aspect of it is that they are constantly paying for commercials. If you watch a lot of TV, you’re going to see these commercials on a daily basis, often multiple times a day. Oh, and there are also the multi-million-dollar Super Bowl ads!

Of course, there’s a lot of other advertising that you’re going to see from the big companies. Type “discount office items” into Google and you’re going to see a lot of paid ads from those big companies, hoping to trick you into clicking on something you think is an organic search. They also pay for slick newspaper flyers, as well as newspaper ads and radio commercials. Of course, all they’re trying to do is get more business, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it also means that they either have to raise the prices on the items or offer a smaller discount.  

We admit, we don’t do a lot of advertising at United Imaging. But with over 157,000 items and the lowest price on bulk copy paper in the country, we’re certainly “one of the big guys.” Wait, did we just say 157,000 items? That sounds like a lot…

Sometimes Our Connections Are Just Better

At United Imaging, we offer over 157,000 different items. That’s not a typo, it’s over 150,000 different SKUs. That means we have an incredible array of buyers who are working every day to find the best prices across the globe, and the company with the best connections and the best negotiators is going to be able to purchase the best products and resell them at the highest discount.

Sometimes it’s not our connections, but the sheer sales we make. We’re selling in bulk — everything from universal file folders to invisible tape dispensers to 156,998 other wholesale business supplies — which means we’re getting the absolute best prices from our suppliers.

Consider this fact: the big online retailers use us for drop shipping when they’re in a pinch. If they’re still making money on an item after paying us, they were obviously able to get a great deal from us…because we had it for less all along!

Loss Leaders

Sure, we’ll admit it, we have loss leaders. Just as a grocery store might offer their milk at a discount because then you’ll do the rest of your shopping there, we have some items that we might actually be losing money on. It’s just a part of doing business, and we want to do business with you.

We guarantee that we can get you the best price in the country on discount copy paper, and that means keeping tabs on the prices that everyone else is offering. If we have to lose a few pennies on the copy and printer paper to get the rest of your business (saving you money on those as well, considering the first three points we mentioned above), so be it. We’ll have a new, happy customer who doesn’t have to shop multiple sites to get the best price on a myriad of items, whether it’s bulk copy paper or memo sticky notes.

Contact Us Today For the Best Prices On Discount Office Items!

Other office supply stores online are paying millions to get in front of your eyeballs, but they’re not going to make the guarantees we do when it comes to the best office supplies shipped to you direct. We’re ready to convince you that United Imaging is the best option for your discount office items. Just click here to get the process started. We can give you a free itemized office supply saving report, detailing how much you can save by going with us. Line by line you’ll be able to see what you’ll be saving, down to the cent. You’ll also be getting free shipping from us on orders over $50.

Finally, you’ll get to work with a dedicated representative who will do much of the legwork for you. If you’re unhappy with an item and looking for one that will work better for you, your representative (Alan Comeaux) will help you. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with someone who knows the discount office supply business inside and out? Click that link above and get started!