In past blogs we discussed the many advantages of working with an office supply store online such as United Imaging. Sure, we’re biased, but guaranteeing you the best price on discount office items certainly gives us the right to brag, we think! After all, you get a partner with United Imaging, one who knows the industry so that he or she can offer you even better or cheaper products than you’re already using. Plus you don’t have to shop around multiple sites to ensure that you’re getting the best price.

But why order online? You could drive to the local office supply store to browse and grab what you need. What are the advantages of getting your discount office items from an office supply store online? Let’s take a look.

Online Ordering

This might sound a bit overly simplistic, but ordering online is simply easier. As easy as it is, it’s no surprise that everyone is buying nearly everything online these days, from books to cars and, yes, business office supplies. You don’t have to drive across town, find a parking spot, head into the store, and wander the store looking for exactly what you want. Sure, you might enjoy talking office supplies with the person who works there, but you can get the same thing from our office supply experts.

Free Delivery

Sometimes convenience can cost you. While shopping online for discount office supplies might save you time and gas money, you might have to end up paying for shipping.

When you work with United Imaging, that most likely won’t be a problem. As long as you spend $50 when you buy office supplies, you’re going to get free shipping from us. That’s just a couple of boxes of paper and then everything ships free. Considering most companies spend hundreds or thousands or dollars every month on our wholesale business supplies, you’re probably never going to pay for shipping again.

Better Prices

One of the advantages of buying online has always been the ability to get lower prices on items. The simple reason is that online stores don’t need to have the brick and mortar presence that a local establishment does, meaning fewer employees and no lease expect what they have on their warehouse.

United Imaging is in much the same boat. We can offer the absolute best prices on office supply delivery because we don’t have a brick and mortar to worry about (like, say, other office supply stores that have leases and pay for expensive commercials).


157,000 basic office supplies; that’s how many we carry. Yes, it’s a big number, much bigger than anything you’d ever find in a local office supply store. With that kind of selection at your disposal, it’s no wonder you’ll be able to find the perfect discount office items for your business.

Worried that it might actually be too much selection? Don’t be. That’s why we have our experts here to help you select the right supplies and get you the best price.

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